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Group 2 Keys

This list of keys is simply a suggested list, it is not comprehensive and there may be taxa included in the test material that are not included in the more general keys (e.g., Merritt and Cummins). We expect taxonomists to be aware of recent literature changes and know how to identify the genera even though there may not be any keys. A good taxonomist needs to know how to work in the absence of "keys". While we will attempt to include primary literature it is the candidates responsibility to be familiar with the current status of the group in question.

Suggested Keys for Group 2 (EPT taxa)

An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America - 4th. Edition -
R.W.Merritt, K.W.Cummins & M.B. Berg.  Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co. 2008
ISBN 978-0-7575-4128-5

Aquatic Entomology, The Fisherman's and Ecologists' Illustrated Guide to Insects- W. Patrick McCafferty -  ISBN 0-86720-017-0


Updates, Additions and probable Future Changes to Merritt, Cummins & Berg - Chapter 11, Ephemeroptera 2011 by Steven Burian: Burians1@southernct.edu

You may request the pdf file:  
Ver3(2011)-NABS Mayfly Tax Wrkshp GR2009 

You may request from the TCP:

Dr. Burian's 2013 Ver.5 Mayfly Chapter 11 updates:

MayflyChp11-Nymph Key Update Draft.pdf


 Stoneflies: Nymphs of North America, 2nd ed. Kenneth W Stewart Bill P Stark, Caddis Press, Columus OH 2002.

The Stoneflies (Plecoptera) of Alaska and Western Canada, by K.W. Stewart and M.W. Oswood (The Caddis Press, 2006, Columbus Ohio. 325 pp.)

NABS Technical Information Workshop, Biology, Evolution and Identification of North American Tricoptera, May 27,2003, by Dr. John Morse- Clemson University


Trichoptera: Larvae of the North American Caddisfly Genera 2nd. Glenn B. Wiggins, U of Toronto Press 1996.

"Trichoptera" chapter of The Freshwater Invertebrates of the Malaysian Region, Catherine M. Yule and Hoi Sen Yong (editors), to be published by the Academy of Sciences of Malaysia. Candidates.


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