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Family level (online) Supervisor Requirements

Role of the Online Images to Family Test Proctors:

  • Proctors will be NABS members and will be required to register on the TCP site www.nabstcp.com and know their user name and password to unlock the online test
  • Proctors will explain the test conditions to the candidate.
  • They will assure the candidate's identity at login and that the candidate reads and understands the test conditions.
  • This assurance will be honor based but will be assured by requiring login by the Proctor on the Test page.

To be an online test proctor please contact the Program Coordinator, register on the TCP site and fill out the online form. After approval the Proctor and their test centre will be listed on the web site.

Criteria for Online Images to Family Test Proctors

  • NABS membership
  • Employee of an Institution involved in Aquatic Ecology

Membership Services:
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